UHU Max Display


Customer: UHU
Branche: DIY
Location:  Germany

Challenge & assignment

In the product launch of UHU Max, which is presented with its four product groups in the DIY sector, strong secondary placement displays are to be deployed.

These have to present the product family and the brand perfectly. The main task of the display is selling product in combination with communicating the different usage areas. 


The development period of the project was defined to be 5 months. The roll-out was implemented in 2016 with 400 units.

UHU Max Display


The display can be placed in customer-intense areas with limited space availability. In its design, the focus is on the house-like impression and the stylised representation of a roof with chimney, which symbolises the visual bridge to the DIYer. The products are presented standing, hanging and in product magazines. 


product range analysis, target group analysis, overall conception
material definition, mood boards, 3D visualisation
construction, implementation planning, prototyping
manufacture, delivery

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