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Customer: pro optik
Industry: Optics + hearing aids;
Place:  Stuttgart, Germany

Challenge & assignment

Since 2006, pro optik has been one of the three large optician groups in Germany. The pro optik group has more than 140 specialist shops throughout Germany. The product range includes a wide variety of spectacle models for young and old as well as contact lenses at guaranteed low prices. In more than 40 of these specialist shops, the optics department has been expanded to include a hearing acoustics centre. The services here relate to hearing loss and hearing aids. The primary goal of pro optik is customer satisfaction, which is always to be achieved with first-class advice and active customer proximity.
On Koenigstraße - Stuttgart's highly frequented shopping mile - you will find a pro optik specialist shop for over 25 years. In the course of restructuring and renovation, the total of 400 m² on the three floors was to be given a new look and combine a specialist optician's shop with a hearing centre.


In close consultation with the client, the design and concept for the new specialist shop was developed within a very tight timeframe.
The result is an ultra-modern counselling paradise for the sector, which primarily impresses with its bright and friendly rooms, sophisticated dialogue islands and appealing emotional visuals. The plain white interior supports the product presentation immensely due to its strong compatibility with the countless colour and shape versions of the products.
Rotating merchandise supports make it possible to catch the customer's attention already during window shopping and create the incentive to seek further advice in the structured and atmospheric interior. Waiting rooms with a lounge and lounge character as well as modern refraction rooms and staff retreats round off the specialist shop.

pro optik


For the first contact with the customer, a spacious, oval reception counter was chosen as the focal point on the ground floor, which fascinates with controllable light colour. Thus, in addition to the corporate design colour, a brighter light colour can be selected in the dark season and, for example, a cool blue tone in summer. On the first floor, a highlight consultation island was developed that snakes through the entire space like a ribbon. This allows for a completely different type of consultation and increasingly promotes dialogue between customers and consultants to make the search for the perfect glasses for the customer as pleasant and personal as possible.


desk research, briefing, store check, product range analysis, customer journey, overall concept, lighting concept
material definition, mood boards
construction, implementation planning
commissioning, delivery of all shop elements
production, project management, construction management, installation
General contractor
flooring, ceiling, wall, sanitary, air-conditioning, etc.

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