At the beginning of 2018 we started to develop a unique pop-up store concept for the Swiss brand iXS at the hostettler distribution center Europe in Germany. The company develops high performance technology products for bike-enthusiasts all around the world.

Challenge & vision

Our mission was to design a new concept to create a holistic brand and product experience that would showcase the product competence within one interior. iXS has a huge product world and the almost four meter tall and illuminated brand columns with their lifestyle themes make you want to dive into that world. The well-conceived customer journey takes clients by the hand and leads them through the individual categories and product zones.


The design is clear and minimalistic. We used simple materials like aleppo pine, metal transport boxes and black powder coated tubes. At first glance very cheap materials but in the right combination they create a very sophisticated look and feel. The mostly black products are placed in front of black walls which adds up to the professional look. Additionally, we integrated 3 open boxes in the interior for individual product consulting and product & brand workshops.