Frankonia Munich


Customer: Frankonia
Business: Hunting equipment
Location: München, Deutschland

Challenge & assignment

The briefing involved advancing the existing shop design. The aim was open, friendly presentation of the products and easy identifiability for the customer. Shopping should be an experience and therefore raise the time customers stay. The touch & try experience was a clear requirement for the assignment.


The complete shop interior was developed, produced and installed in close coordination with the customer. Furthermore, Bohnacker Store Solutions also actively advised in light planning, in the selection of the flooring and intrusion security.


This is an entirely new concept. Each individual item of furniture was redesigned and developed. 



Bohnacker Store Solutions created a new concept on this basis. The concept was elaborated photorealistically and the themes of forest, trees, nature, sustainability and responsibility were pursued. In material selection, special attention was placed on "real" products. As early as in the concept, we used authentic materials like real wood and metal, as these are also the main components of the products from Frankonia. 

A modern and functional store was formally planned. Many details were stylistically presented with floral motifs and design elements, such as treetops, branches, leaves or roots. 


Stones and moss are integrated in the shelf as natural elements to make the connection to the product and customer world. The touch & try concept is particularly noteworthy. A product presentation was created here for customer Frankonia, which is unique in this industry. Most of the products are freely accessible for the customer and are not locked up in showcases. So it is not only possible to see, but also test the products, which is not common in the industry. Touch & try also means trying out. For this reason, extra areas were created, in which, for example, products like torches and binoculars can be tried out in darkened zones of the sales space or shoes tried out on different surfaces. 


product range analysis, customer journey, light planning, overall conception
material definition, mood boards, 3D visualisation
construction, implementation planning
manufacture, delivery, building management, installation

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